This document is an aid to purchasing properties at Westmoreland Hills.
The document does not form part of the sale and purchase agreements.
Westmoreland Hills is a trading name of Cliff Tops Limited a Barbados Company.
  • About the development

    Westmoreland Hills is located on the West coast of Barbados, adjacent to the developments of Royal Westmoreland and Sugar Hill.Site works commenced in March 2016.

    The eco friendly development will feature modern designed 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom villas, sited on a sloping 8 acre site and designed to optimize ocean views and the prevailing cool westerly winds.

    The private, gated community of up to 52 homes will also feature a central recreational facility with a fully equipped gym, pool and café within easy walking distance from all villas. In addition, there will be a children’s play area within the adjacent landscaped open space.

    For efficiencies of scale and to achieve lower running costs,

    Management will provide and supervise security of the development, housekeeping services*, gardening maintenance, refuse collection and pool and house maintenance services*. This arrangement will reduce costs and deliver owners a hassle free-living experience.

    *Provided at additional cost.

    Owners will also be able to take advantage of the in-house rental program run by the Management from the Administration center.

  • Cliff Tops Ltd (The developers and main contractor)

    The Developers (Reg Mulligan and Tony Milsom) are experienced in development and home construction in Barbados and Mustique. R. Mulligan is the Project Director and T. Milsom is the Director of Construction.

    Reg Mulligan’s previous Barbados West coast projects include Sugar Hill (100 homes, Tennis and Club House facilities), Mullins Bay (26 homes, Restaurant and Spa), Sandy Cove (15 Apartments) Villa Bonita and Villa Solano (Large luxury Villas) and Royal Westmoreland (in partnership with Coronation International Golf Limited — 6 homes).

    Tony Milsom’s Villa construction and development in Mustique are to be found on the Mustique Company’s website and include: Aurora, Coccolobo, Indigo, Messellia and Sunrise. Past clients of T Milsom’s are celebrated people from the music, fashion and business communities and HRH Princess Margaret, whose home Les Jolie Eaux was completely restored.

  • Acquiring a property in WH

    Once you have made your decision to buy a property at WH, you must appoint a lawyer and provide Westmoreland Hills with contact details. You can buy your property through an off shore company (IBC) or in your own name(s). Your lawyer will be sent agreements for you to review. These will include:

    (a) The Sale and Purchase agreement for the Lot.
    (b) The Villa construction agreement.
    (c) Shareholders Agreement.

    In all cases, the developer conveys the freehold land to the purchaser. The contract for the purchase of the villa requires stage payments to complete the construction of the Villa. See Appendix A.

  • What is the WH Property Owners Association Limited?

    The Westmoreland Hills Property Owners’ Association Limited will own and operate the common areas of the estate. Each resident of Westmoreland Hills will be entitled to a class A share in the POA.

  • What is the function of the WH Management Company?

    The WHMC will be responsible for the operation of the café/restaurant, housekeeping service, house maintenance, pool maintenance and rental program. Control of the WHMC will always remain with Cliff Tops Ltd.

  • When will “site” construction start?

    March 2016.

  • When will the first villas be ready for occupation?

    October 2018.

  • What are the Villa choices?

    The development offers a variety of one and two story homes within WH that can be interchanged between some of the Lots. Homes can also be designed on a bespoke basis but will carry an additional fee for architect and engineering time.

  • What are “Standard finishes”?

    These are the villa finishes included in the current PRICE LIST and exclude all options, additions and changes. The Villa/Lot prices will increase over the life of the project.

  • Can you change the “Standard finishes”?

    Yes you can personalize your home to meet your lifestyle goals. Prior to start of construction we will walk you through the process of choosing your finishes.

    Please note: Changes may incur additional costs.

  • Why are there flat roofs on most of the properties?

    Control of building heights is critical to maximize views from your Lot and adjacent Lots.

    Lots from 1 to 36 have flat roofs to achieve the best views for all Lots.

    Lots from 37 to 52 have hipped roofs, as flat roofs are not necessary.

    The flat roofs will be green in appearance to blend in with the development.

  • Walls (Boulder and MESA)

    Due to the sloping terrain at Westmoreland Hills, walls will be necessary or desirable in order to terrace home sites and integrate buildings into the landscape.

  • Are there any restrictions on selling my house?


  • Is there internet and cable TV available?

    High speed internet and cable TV packages will be provided by Digicel. Owners will be required to enter into separate contracts with the provider for data and TV content.

  • How do I gain entry to WH?

    By using your main gate coded electronic clicker or via intercom request to the Hub. Two clickers will be provided for each Home. Owners will also be able to open the main gates from their Homes to allow guests/visitors entrance.

  • What is the Hub?

    The Hub is the operations room in the administration center manned 24 hours per day.

  • When will the RF be completed?

    The Recreational Facility will be built in two phases and completion of Phase 1, the gym and pool is planned for February 2020 and Phase 2 the Hub by mid-2020.

  • Who owns the RF?

    The Developer (Cliff Tops Ltd).

    Management of the RF will always remain with the WHMC.

  • What services and amenities will be provided in the RF?

    • 65 foot Lap pool with children’s area
    • Sun decks with umbrellas
    • Gym
    • Café
    • Administration center
    • Reservations center
    • Meet and greet center for renters.

  • Westmoreland Hills Club (WHC)

    • Owners are required to join the WHC.
    • The club is run by the WHMC for the benefit of the members, their in-house guests and renters**.
    • Access to the RF is restricted to club members.
    • The membership is set at a maximum number of 100.
    • Annual fees are levied from each owner to pay for the club costs.
    • Outside Memberships will be permitted to help pay for the club running costs but will be limited in number, see above.
    • Annual fees are tied to the cost of living index.
    **Membership charges may apply to renters not booking directly with WHMC.

  • What are the running costs of a house in WH?

    See appendix B.

  • Shared ownership schemes

    Shared ownership schemes are acceptable by the developer between families, friends and responsible parties. We do advise consultation and legal considerations with all parties to ensure the full benefits of this arrangement are ensured.

    Please note: Timeshare is not allowed.

WH — Westmoreland Hills
POA — Westmoreland Hills Property Owners Association
WHMC — Westmoreland Hills Management Company
RF — Recreational Facility
HUB — Administration Center within the RF
WHC – Westmoreland Hills Club
  • What is the common area?

    All that WH land not subdivided into house lots or part of the recreational facility.

  • Who pays for the upkeep of the common area?

    The POA.

  • Who manages the POA during the development?

    The Developer until handover to the residents when the Development is near completion. POA fees become payable when properties are handed over to the purchaser.

  • Are the POA facilities insured for storm & earthquake damage?


  • Who operates the voluntary rental program for owners?

    The WHMC.

  • What is housekeeping pooling?

    • Housekeepers will be hired by the WHMC and pooled for the benefit of owners.
    • Owners can hire housekeepers from the pool on a hourly/weekly/monthly basis according to their needs and will be charged accordingly.
    • The rates for housekeeping will start at US$15 per hour, with a minimum charge of 3 hours per day.

  • Garden maintenance

    Gardeners will be hired by the WHMC. The gardeners will maintain all the estates gardens including residents’ properties. WHMC will be paid by the POA for managing and maintaining the Development’s landscape including residents’ properties.

  • What is Land Tax?

    This is a Government tax. The Land tax year runs from April to March. Rates vary depending on the value of the property. Land Tax is reviewed every 3 years

  • When do I have to complete the snagging list?

    Six months from the time of practical completion. The Developer will complete the rectification of the listed snags after the receipt of the snagging list. Snags not on the list will be for the owners account. Providing the snags have been completed to the satisfaction of an independent Quantity Surveyor, appointed by Cliff Tops Ltd, the retention/escrow fee becomes due.

  • When will phase 1 be completed?

    It is anticipated that Phase 1 will be completed by January 2020.

  • When will all phases be completed?

    It is anticipated that all phases will be completed by April 2021.

  • Is there provision for wheel chair access to my home?

    This can be provided.

  • Is there provision for wheel chair access to the RF?


  • What is the total area of WH?

    34,265 square meters (8.5 acres).

  • Is there access to a golf course?

    Sandy Lane Golf Club (old nine) is a fee-paying golf club, accessible to all members of the public.

  • Is there access to tennis courts?

    Yes, memberships are available at a tennis club close by, ranging from 1 week to 6 months.

  • WH Beach Facility

    “Ricos on the beach”
    A beach facility at Alleynes Bay, approx. 20 minutes walk from WH. The facility will provide members and villa renters with sun beds & umbrellas at a discounted rate. Food, beverages and restrooms are available at close by beach bars and restaurants.

    Fee schedule*

    Westmoreland Hills residents enjoy a reduced rate of BBD$40.00 per day.

    What’s Included

    • 2 x beach loungers
    • 1 x table
    • 1 x beach umbrella
    • Table service

    Fairmont Beach Club (annual membership only)
    Fee schedule*

    • Estate Home: $6,325.00 BDS plus VAT ($7,431.86) per annum (up to 10 persons)
    • Villas: $5,060.00 BDS plus VAT ($5,945.50) per annum (up to 6 persons)
    • Condo: $4,427.50 BDS plus VAT ($5,202.32) per annum (up to 4 persons)

    What’s included

    • Access to the Royal Pavilion (RPV) South Beach area (at the water-sports area) via main entrance.
    • Access to parking, restrooms/changing room, toilet facilities and the terrace equipped with outdoor furniture adjoining the Water Sports area, plus an outdoor shower at the South Beach area.
    • 32 chairs and 16 beach umbrellas in total will be available for the exclusive use of all fee paying members and their guest on a space available basis.
    • At a minimum, access to Food & Beverage services via RPV’s Room Service Department at the South Beach area. A telephone will be made available to contact room service for food and drinks. Access to Cafe Taboras Restaurant and Palm Terrace subject to availability. Rental of RPV’s water sports equipment, when not utilised or reserved by the resort’s in-house guests, will be available to members on a space available basis only for fees specified within the schedule. Various food incentives, discounts, or specials are extended to members from time to time. There is currently a 10% discount when dining at the restaurants and using the watersports equipment.

    Note: Use of the pool, gym and tennis courts are not included in this membership.

  • Access to the beach?

    As a tropical island, Barbados is home to many beautiful beaches. Legally there are no private beaches however access is limited to public rights of way. A number of beach clubs/restaurants provide loungers and umbrellas to rent on a daily basis. Barbados beaches are as diverse as the island and everyone has their favorite. On the calmer west coast, palms sway on white sandy shores while the azure waters lap gently at the shore. Jet skiing, kayaking, catamaran cruises, swimming and snorkeling are all available.

    Heading south you’ll continue to find flawless sandy Barbados beaches protected by coral reefs. The more lively surf in the south and southeast are ideal for a host of watersports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and boogie boarding.

    Along the east coast the beaches are wide and wind-blown. Here the shore is pounded by the Atlantic making it a delight for the surfers who come from all over the world.

    In the north, coral and sandstone cliffs rise straight out of the sea reaching up to a hundred feet in height. But even here, you’ll find the occasional sheltered cove. All along the Barbados shores large and small beaches are dotted with coral formations, the soft coral rocks weathered by the ocean surf, forming abstract sculptures pleasing to an artist’s eye.

    Barbados beaches are truly some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, in fact the beach at The Crane was rated “one of the ten best beaches in the world” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

  • Can domestic animals be kept at WH?

    Yes but must be kept within the confines of each lot. The By-Laws set out the regulations regarding the control of domestic animals.

  • How does the initial Purchase Process work?

    (1) Choose your Lot, Villa type and pool size/style.
    (2) SIGN Reservation agreement & pay a deposit US$10,000 (refundable less administration fee)

  • To become a member of the Recreational Facility

    Membership is mandatory for villa owners and will include their immediate family and accompanied in-house guests use of the pool, deck chairs, café facility, gym, fitness studio.

    Annual club dues are currently set at the following rates:
    • 2 & 3 bedrooms – US$2,500 per year
    • 4+ bedrooms – US$3,500 per year

    Membership year runs from 01Nov – 31Oct. Fees will be charged on a prorata basis.

    A daily rate of US$50 applies to unaccompanied guests and villa renters, payable at the HUB.

  • Construction stage payment time “estimates”

    The Deposit: The first payment for construction (20%) will be applied to the cost of preparing the Villa site for foundations, underground utility cabling and road access.
    Foundation Completion Payment: 2 months from start of construction.
    Ring Beam Completion Payment: 2 months after completion of foundations.
    Roof Completion (Enclosure) Payment: 2 months after completion of ring beam.
    Practical Completion Payment: 4/6 months after enclosure.

    Please note: Cliff Tops will certify the above stages and owners can (at their cost) appoint an independent surveyor to confirm.


There are 2 methods to purchase properties in Barbados:


    Non-resident purchasers will often use an offshore company to hold real estate in Barbados in order that transfer tax and stamp duty are not payable on a subsequent sale. This also avoids having to contend with the Exchange Control rules, as the sale price will be collected in the jurisdiction of the offshore company on the sale of the shares in the company.

    The BVI is one of the favoured jurisdictions for this purpose. This will mean selling the property to a purchaser who is non-resident and is willing to buy the company, which owns the property, as opposed to the property itself. This will not generally be a problem.

    There will be additional costs involved in establishing and maintaining an offshore structure. It will also be necessary to register the offshore company in Barbados.


    This entails 2 separate agreements

    (a) The purchase of a lot of your choice
    (b) Construction agreement with the developer (Cliff Tops Ltd.) to build your home.

    Lots 19 to 52 are fixed at a cost of US$160,000 per Lot. Lots 1 to 18 are fixed at a cost of US$80,000 per Lot

    Payment schedule for lot purchase:

    (a) ON Exchange of Contracts — 50%
    (b) ON Conveyance of Lot to owner — 50% *

    *Please Note: Providing certificate of compliance has been obtained from TCPDO.
    Certificates of compliance cannot be obtained until essential services such as roads, lighting and sewerage services are installed.

    Alternatively, the Lot purchase can be synchronized with the building payments. (See below)

  • — Sale and Purchase agreement for Construction of Lot

    Payment schedule:

    • ON Exchange of contracts — 20%

    • ON Foundation completion — 20%

    • ON Ring Beam completion — 20%

    • ON Roof completion — 20%

    • ON Practical Completion — 20% (2.5% of this is held in escrow for snagging)


Summary of owner’s costs:

  • A — Specific house costs (Owner responsible)

    Villa House Insurance: Estimated at US$2 per US$500 of replacement value. (Advised by brokers Tradewinds)

    Villa Contents Insurance: This is based on the value of the furniture and fixtures that you have in the unit. Approximate costs, for US$15,000 worth of coverage is US$125 per year.

    Land Tax: Residential property is calculated on the value of the property.
    Utilities: Power, Water, Telephone, Internet & Cable TV. These costs vary with the owner’s occupation time and usage.

    Pool Cleaning (Mandatory for all owners): Weekly cleaning of the pool including chemicals.
    Plunge pool is US$35/week
    Larger pool (Harmony) is US$45/week.

  • B — Westmoreland Hills Property Owners Association (POA) annual costs

    The Common Assessment to be levied for the coming year against each Shareholder shall be computed on a per Share basis by dividing the budgeted Common Expenses by the total number of Shares of stock in the Company outstanding, and shall be allocated to each Shareholder based on the number of Shares owned. The assessment for the year November 1st 2018 to October 31st 2019 is US$7,435.

  • C — Westmoreland Hills Management Company

    House management service: Annual Fee based on villa covered area (excluding basement) @ US$1 per s.f. (i.e. 3 bed Capri covered area 2,100 s.f. Fee US$ 2,100.)

  • — Associated costs

    Townhouse Capri excl. 4th bedroom 2100 B$16,800
    Townhouse Cyan excl. 4th bedroom 2680 B$21,440
    Townhouse Capri incl. 4th bedroom 2260 B$18,080
    Townhouse Cyan incl. 4th bedroom 2860 B$22,880
    Villa Indigo 1750 B$14,000
    Villa Magenta 1500 B$12,000
    Villa Azure 4000 B$32,000
    Villa Jade 1820 B$14,560
    Villa Fuchsia 4650 B$37,200
    Villa Sienna 3000 B$24,000
    Villa Emerald w/ optional 4th bedroom 3150 B$25,200

  • Summary of services provided by POA

    Westmoreland Hills POA
    Estate Security and insurance
    Maintenance and servicing of common (POA) land and roads
    Refuse collection
    POA administration charges
    Garden/Landscape maintenance
    Pest Control (Checking and clearing manholes, Cleaning grease trap, Clearing rainwater manholes)
    Cleaning gutters and downpipes
    Sealing joints in the guttering
    Power washing of Driveway
    Checking garden and security lighting

  • Summary of services provided by WHMC

    Westmoreland Hills Management Company (WHMC) NOTE
    Providing and managing housekeepers when required As required
    Villa inspection report Bi-weekly
    Provision of tradesmen (at owners cost) As required
    Meet and greet for renters As required
    Accounting (Utility payments on behalf of owners) Monthly
    Telephone contact for security companies (US$600/year) (call out fee US$50) As required

  • Pool Maintenance not included in fee

    US$45/week Broadway and US$35/week plunge
    Calculation of Fees
    POA assessment for 2018/19 US$7,435
    POA is set by the developer until handover to the owners.
    WHMC House management service annual fee is US$1 per s.f. (area of villa)

Westmoreland Hills is a trading name of CLIFF TOPS LTD. a company incorporated and registered under the provisions of the Companies Act Cap. 308 of the Laws of Barbados as Company No. 27600, having its registered office situate at Prospect Chambers, Summerland House, Prospect, in the parish of Saint James, Barbados.

Disclaimer: Price, conditions, specifications, plans impressions and other impressions in this promotional document are subject to change and availability. Details are believed to be correct at the time of going to print but are not guaranteed. Any purchase of property mentioned in this promotional document is subject to contract.