Located at Alleyne’s Bay on Barbados’ Platinum coast.

Westmoreland Hills beach facility is located on Alleynes Bay (between Ju Ju’s Beach Bar and The Lonestar Restaurant). This beach facility will be available to Westmoreland Hills owners & guests.

The facility (called Ricos On The Beach) will provide members & villa renters with sun beds and umbrellas. Rico will be on site, ready to provide you with comfort & luxury on the beach. Offering a range of membership packages specific to your villa purchase, Westmoreland Hills believes in providing its community with the very best. This fabulous location is a mere 20 minute walk from your villa at Westmoreland Hills or a few minutes drive away.

How do you find it? Heading North, look out for our handmade signage (By Sandy Layne Designs) located on the beach side. Access to the beach facility will be situated just behind the sign, in between Starfish Boutique and The Lonestar Restaurant.

Why did we choose this location? Besides the proximity to your villa, Alleynes Bay offers an array of eateries and bars along the beach, as well as great swimming and snorkelling areas not far from the sandy shore.

We love spending our weekends here, and we know you will too.

ricos on the beach
Ricos On The Beach, Alleynes Bay, Barbados